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360 on Water and Energy

23.06.2014 -

In June, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) organized a debate on this year's focus of the World Water Development Report - Water and Energy-  in collaboration with UN-Water. Looking at the issues from multiple angles enabled participants to understand interlinkages, policy, regional and social impacts and how it all relates to sustainable development.

Water is at the heart of sustainable development and its close link to energy makes the nexus one of the world's pre-eminent challenges. “How can we balance the supply of these resources? How do we share the benefits of water and energy while at the same time securing social equity, economic efficiency, and environmental sustainability?" asked Malin Elisson, Head of Policy Support Unit at Sida, while welcoming the participants. Three presentations set the stage before the six expert panelists moved between addressing the challenges through policy, gender, industry, governance, poverty and regional lenses. Joakim Harlin, representing UNDP and UN-Water, concluded the event: "To lift people out of poverty and at the same time reach increased efficiency in water and energy use, we need to look at investments, consumption and production with an integrated approach, and we need to address water governance issues at the local, regional and international level." Read more