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UN-Water Day at Rio+20

Recognizing Progress, Taking Action for the Future We Want

19.06.2012 -
UN-Water will host a Water Day on 19 June at the Rio+20 Conference, with the following objectives:
  • Demonstrate to the broad range of stakeholders, particularly decision makers, that some of the major challenges facing humanity today relate to water management; this will be based on findings of the major UN-Water reports.
  • Identify major water issues that connect with the themes of the Rio+20 Conference, particularly its link with the notion of green economy.
  • Focus on the means of implementation, especially the action areas where UN organizations and agencies can act together through UN-Water.
The Water Day will concentrate on UN-Water contribution to the Rio+20 Conference, building on the UN-Water Statement and on the UN-Water deliverables for Rio+20, and will engage in high-level panel discussions on the relevance of water in the Rio+20 outcomes.
UN-Water will also release its Status Report on the Application of Integrated Approaches to the Development, Management and Use of Water Resources, specifically produced for Rio+20.