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Thematic Priority Areas

The work of UN-Water is organized around Thematic Priority Areas and Task Forces. Each one is coordinated by one or more Member(s) and engages Members, Partners and Programmes.

Thematic Priority Areas address specific issues that require long-term attention and strong inter-agency collaboration and coordination.

They currently include:

The Thematic Priority Area on Water and Climate Change was established in January 2010 to offer an opportunity to discuss climate change and water linkages in their widest sense and to ensure that the UN System in general, and UN-Water in particular are better prepared to meet future challenges and play an essential role in this area.

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The UN-Water Thematic Priority Area on Transboundary Waters is intended to provide a platform to promote coherence and coordination of activities by UN-Water members and partners in the area of transboundary waters. It facilitates a steady exchange of information, experiences and lessons learned and promotes joint efforts. The Thematic Priority Area aims to act as a clearing-house for good practices for transboundary water cooperation and to provide a single entry point to the initiatives of UN-Water Members.

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The Thematic Priority Area on Water Supply and Basic Sanitation was created to support the efforts made in achieving the goal of providing safe water and sanitation for all. It intends to foster collaboration between UN agencies, provide value added services to the UN and its Member States, support initiatives that facilitate achievement of the relevant development goals, raise awareness and support UN global advocacy on water supply and basic sanitation, and coordinate with non-UN-Water initiatives related to water supply and basic sanitation (e.g. Sanitation and Water for All).

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In September 2010 UN-Water established a Thematic Priority Area (TPA) on Water Quality to enhance interagency collaboration and support governments in addressing global water quality challenges. The aim was also to monitor and report on the state of water quality, identify emerging issues and propose relevant responses.

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Last update:07 Oct 2014