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Thematic Priority Area: Water and Climate change

The Thematic Priority Area on Water and Climate Change (TPA-WCC) was established in January 2010 to offer an opportunity to discuss climate change and water linkages in their widest sense and to ensure that the UN System in general, and UN-Water in particular are better prepared to meet future challenges and play an essential role in this area. Prior to 2010, a short-term Task Force comprising the same membership was in place. It became however clear that a long-standing coordination mechanism such as the TPA-WCC would be more adequate to address issues related to water and climate change, as they most likely will be at the forefront of UN-Water concerns for decades to come.

Through the UN-Water coordination mechanism that fosters increased interaction and coherence among its Members and Partners, the TPA-WCC aims at elaborating ways in which the UN System could play a more proactive and constructive role in the formulation and implementation of relevant adaptation and mitigation strategies.

The core objective of the TPA-WCC is to strengthen UN System coordination on activities related to water and climate change. This will in turn facilitate the assessment of the impacts of climate change on water, and the adoption of strategies for meeting the challenges of climate change both for adaptation and mitigation in the related water sub-sectors in support of Member countries.


Coordinating organization and contacts




Claudio Caponi
Senior Scientific Officer
Climate and Water Department
World Meteorological Organization


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