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UN-Water's Activities

UN-Water is a mechanism. It relies on its Members with the support of its Programmes and of its Partners for the implementation of its activities geared towards increasing coordination, synergies and coherence in the UN System.


The work of UN-Water is organized around Thematic Priority Areas and Task Forces. Each one is coordinated by one or more Member(s) and engages Members, Partners and Programmes.

Thematic Priority Areas

Thematic Priority Areas address specific issues that require long-term attention and strong interagency collaboration and coordination. They currently include:

Task Forces

Task Forces are time-bound and cover areas where UN-Water Members have identified specific activities to be implemented. They currently include:

Multi-agency initiatives

Members and Partners of UN-Water also join forces to implement specific multi-agency initiatives that require a multidisciplinary approach. They include:

UN-Water's Awareness-raising Campaigns

UN-Water coordinates the UN awareness campaigns on freshwater and sanitation. Campaigns are led by one or more Member(s) on behalf of UN-Water with the support of other Members, Programmes, Partners and relevant stakeholders. These include:

Last update:07 Oct 2014