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UN-Water Federated Water Monitoring System and Key Water Indicator Portal

The overall objective of Federated Water Monitoring System and Key Water Indicator Portal (KWIP) project is to improve the availability and accessibility to water-related information in order to facilitate policy- and decision-making while reducing the load on member countries.

The following problems related to water statistics have been identified:

  • Data generated by agencies is taken up and included in works that may not be updated. This creates confusion when compared against an updated dataset, or more recent work. This source can be subsequently used for new reports, perpetuating noncurrent data.
  • Similar work carried out by different agencies is sometimes not put into the correct context, creating the possibility for misunderstanding and generating the impression that data providers are out of touch.
  • There is no simple cohesive way to include up-to-date information from several data-reporting agencies on the UN-Water webpage, and database management is not accessible to all.
  • Harmonization of datasets depends on constantly changing data availability, which leads to ad hoc harmonization or no harmonization at all.

The Federated Water Monitoring System and Key Water Indicator Portal project has been commissioned to resolve these problems.

The KWIP is a portal through which data can be represented in graphs, charts, and tables. Selected indicators from the UN-Water Task Force on Indicators, Monitoring and Reporting are displayed, although more indicators or variables can be added in the future. The main purpose of the KWIP is to provide information in a simple format in order to maximize its widespread use. This portal should be used as a frame of reference to check on the latest information on UN-Water Indicators. For more advanced users that would like to know about inter-agency harmonization efforts, additional data reported by several agencies is available only one click away.

This portal is backed by the Federated Water Monitoring System, a federated custodian database containing data from all organizations generating data relevant to the UN-Water indicators. Inter-agency harmonization is managed via a complex mapping of variables, and ports data to the various widgets displayed on the KWIP dynamically. This means that as soon as the database is furnished with new information, the KWIP will automatically update.

Update: Phase I of this project has been successfully completed. A proposal for Phase II is under preparation, and will improve the KWIP's machine-readability and the connections between each agency and the KWIP. Central to the delivery of this objective will be a better way for agencies to work with the Federated Water Monitoring System database in order to harmonize statistics together. Improvements will include the porting of metadata together with each dataset in order to provide contextual information on-demand.

Visit the KWIP portal

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Last update:07 Oct 2014