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UN-Water Programme

UN-Water has one affiliated programme, with its own workplan, budget and an executing agency coordinating the implementation.

The World Health Organization (WHO)/ United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Joint Monitoring Programme on Water Supply and Sanitation (JMP)

The JMP, which operates under the aegis of UN-Water, is an autonomous programme implemented and supervised by WHO and UNICEF. Established in 1990, the JMP continues monitoring activities that WHO has been undertaking since the 1960s. It is the official mechanism of the UN System mandated to monitor global progress towards the MDGs targets for drinking-water and sanitation.

The JMP’s regular global reports on water and sanitation coverage facilitate sector planning and management. By supporting countries’ efforts to monitor this sector, the JMP contributes to better planning and management at the national level.

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Last update:07 Oct 2014