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UN-Water's Governance

UN-Water is a coordination mechanism. As such it relies on its Members and Partners for the implementation of its activities and programmes, and on a Management Team to facilitate information- and work-flows.



The UN-Water Management Team fosters increased collaboration and effective coordination. It is composed of the Chair nominated among the UN Executive Heads, the Vice-Chair elected among the Senior Programme Managers representing the Members, the Secretary based at UN-DESA in New York to ensure the liaison with the UN Member States and the UN General Assembly processes, and a Technical Advisory Unit that provides administrative, technical and logistic support.

The UN-Water Joint Steering Group comprising the Chair, the Vice-Chair, the Secretary and four rotating Senior Programme Managers oversees the implementation of UN-Water’s work programme.

Members and Partners

Members are UN entities responsible for funds and programmes, specialised agencies, regional commissions, conventions, etc. Other organizations outside the UN are Partners. As of January 2014, UN-Water counts 31 Members and 36 Partners.


UN-Water has two specific Programmes and an affiliated one, each with its own work plan, budget and an executing agency.

  • The UN-Water Decade Programme on Capacity Development (UNW-DPC)
  • The UN-Water Decade Programme on Advocacy and Communication (UNW-DPAC)
  • WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation (JMP) (affiliated)

Thematic Priority Areas and Task Forces

The work of UN-Water is organized around Thematic Priority Areas and Task Forces. Each one is coordinated by one or more Member(s) and engages Members, Partners and Programmes. Thematic Priority Areas address specific issues that require long-term attention and strong interagency collaboration and coordination.


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UN-Water's Governance

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UN-Water's Governance
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